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Keeping in mind customer needs over the past four decades, has helped us plan our projects. The key aspects of building construction i.e. Natural light, good ventilation and maximum utilization of space has been the main objective of planning. Maintaining the quality of construction, market stability and sustainability has helped us gain the market trust and confidence. Transparency is something which we maintain in our business and as a result N. J. projects have required no advertising and the projects have been sold by mere word of mouth.


N. J. Builders & Promoters strongly believes in "Building Confidence Through Unmatched Quality ". Established in 1972 with an overall experience of 47 years, the company has pioneered in the construction of schools, colleges, hospitals, auditoriums, churches, convents, residential apartments, commercial complexes, independent bungalows, renovation of houses for home-stays, beach houses, service apartments, layouts & railway works. The creditability of our success and timely completion of our projects are our tradesmen (both skilled & unskilled). Their dedication, commitment and loyalty is what the company is proud of. Also, the backbone of our company is our strong and enthusiastic execution and management team. Our constant strive for Excellency and Transparency is our main objective, "Quality being our MOTO" . Catering to the needs of all classes of people is what the company aims for.


Maintaining the quality of construction with a presence of sustainable growth in the market.


Catering to customer needs before and after execution of project .

Environment Commitment

Keeping in mind the socio-economic value, maintaining greenery, rain water harvesting and social welfare commitment towards the progress of the society.